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An organization’s growth depends directly on its employees. Their contribution remains vital in determining the trajectory of the company. We, at Health Capita understand this and impart health related services to employers so that their firm has the best performers, round-the-clock, all year long.


1. Early diagnosis: The adage goes ‘prevention is better than cure’. The earlier the symptoms are diagnosed, the quicker the prognosis and treatment. This is not only kind to your purse strings, but also your mental peace.

2. Productive: You remain more alert and productive in your contribution, not just professionally but also personally as you are aware of being well taken care of!

3. Reduction in absenteeism: Healthier employees ensure a strong working force that is both attentive and attending!

4. Cost effective: Bearing in mind to appease both; your health and budget, the tests are cost-effective along with being reliable.

5. Stress-free: Employees offer their best when their minds are at peace. Knowing that their health will remain uncompromised, boosts their morale. It coerces them to outperform even their own set standards.


1. Attentiveness: Absenteeism will never again be a matter of concern! With health ensured to being at its optimum, there will never again be a cause to granting sick leave!

2. Image-building: The credibility of the organization earns brownie points paving way to its prosperity & image-building.

3. Time-saving: Extremely advantageous for employers as they wouldn’t have to worry about new recruitments and replacements or even vacancy fillings!

4. Custom-made: Wellness programs that are tailor-made to suit your company’s profile like none other!

5. Trust: Earning employees trust & loyalty for being considerate of their well-being. When employees realize that you have got their back, their loyalties remain rooted.