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Children are the future of every society, regardless of the country and age in time. They remain the torch bearers, the beacon of light that usher in the days to come. Health Capita realizes this and places great importance in providing students with support services. These are necessary to maximize their educational experience and help them develop not only their knowledge, but also values and skills that are needed to enriching their lives.

Academic success remains the primary goal in any student’s life. And, in today’s time and age, that isn’t an easy feat. Because, to begin with, the competitiveness and multitude of choices available to pick from and the pressures students undergo are neck-breaking. To top it, the stress from academic pursuits is unavoidable. To deal with such problems and the growing duress amongst the student community, they need to remain alert & better prepared, both; physically and mentally.

At Health Capita, we foresee this and strive to provide culturally congruent and effective services aimed at:

1. Supporting the very fundamental mission of educational institutes, by preventing and/or ameliorating medical, psychological and lifestyle barriers to learning and by providing individualized assistance to students in need.

2. Fostering the pupils into leading a healthy life that is in sync with our mission of having a holistic student community that develops congruently without any medical impediments.

3. Promoting a general sense of care and awareness about the well-being of not only self, but also fellow students which would ensure the overall wellbeing of the community, at large.

Benefits of our Student Wellness Program:

1. Digitalization: On-site health checkups condensed into digital reports.

2. Online consultation: Reports can be viewed, uploaded, shared and referred online with doctors.

3. Cost effective: Innovative healthcare solutions that are both; reliable and cost-effective.

4. Health check-ups: Health check-ups panned at regular intervals.

5. Absenteeism: No more sick leaves!

6. Vaccination: Regular reminders for vaccinations and immunizations.

7. Detailed Analysis: Gives parents/guardians a thorough idea of their ward’s health.