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Personal Wellness Solutions

Health is a very universal concept, yet there isn’t a singular formula to achieving it. There’s no standard path that can be adopted by all. And, there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all! The rising rates in obesity, the alarming ascend in the number of heart patients and the unaddressed issues of mental health, all call for concern. Despite the humongous number of self-help books, quack references and an entire gamut of alternatives available, we still seem, to be in need for help. Why is that so? After all, the general advice doled out seems to be the same for everyone: Eat well-sleep well, exercise moderate and engage in a hobby, practice mindfulness and let go of negativity… (The list could go on). However, it has been proven with time that it isn’t of much help.

The reason for that is: everyone is unique! What works for one may not work for another. And, that’s where ‘Personal Wellness’ comes into play. Personal Wellness is tailor-made and it is exclusive. It is designed to be specific in its approach and unique in its creation.

Why can’t Personal Wellness be the same for all? Because, we may all share the same journey, but our paths differ. Human beings are modeled on the same biology. However, their functioning differs from one another depending on several influencing factors such as physical location, age, gender, family medical history, amongst others.


Personal wellness isn’t some elusive gift ordained for some. It is very much attainable.

It refers to the state of being that can be achieved when there is a holistic integration of one’s mental, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual being. These components are all equally important and not interchangeable, as is widely misunderstood.


Balance is the answer to that question. Striking the right balance between all existing elements of your life without undermining any in particular would set you on a path of self-fulfillment and wellness. But, unfortunately we humans are designed to forget/neglect/over-think and set ourselves off the course, unwittingly. Look at it this way: Imagine your life as a wheel that is on the roll. You keep moving on regardless of the state of the surroundings or the condition of/on the road, until your wheel starts to squeak. It is only then that you start to consider maintaining the wheel. That’s exactly how we deal with ourselves and the situations in our lives! Until we begin to hear the wheel creak, we don’t bother about its maintenance.

Balancing should come as a second nature to us, if we wish to lead a satisfying life. The spokes of the wellness wheel that manage to balance our ride in life are the very essences that make up for our comfortable and peaceful living.


1. Emotional Wellness is the ability to developing the right attitude that helps one deal with the inevitable stress-inducing and anxiety ridden situations of life. It helps navigate through life with grace & strength.

2. Physical Wellness isn’t about maintaining weight alone. It involves fitness, agility, dexterity, while being completely comfortable in one’s own skin.

3. Social Wellness is about your interaction (be it personal or professional) with fellow beings. Man is a social being who isn’t designed to live in isolation. Your interaction not only determines your individual growth, but also the society’s at large!

4. Intellectual/Mental Wellness is about rewiring your brain, opening your mind and experiencing a new horizon through learning. Nothing is more soul-satisfying than knowing that your mental faculties are put to their best use!

5. Spiritual Wellness is the endeavour in achieving peace and harmony with oneself and the universe. From the dawn of time, man has been curious of his existence, the purpose and intent of his life. Spirituality provides answers to some of man’s most poignant questions.

6. Environmental Wellness is by far the most undermined aspect of wellness. It is about establishing a sense of comfort, belonging, nurture, care & sustainability with one’s surroundings. The relationship between man and his surroundings is vital to determining his physical & mental health.

7. Recreational Wellness refers to those moments when one unplugs oneself from the mundanity of life. Man needs rest from time to time. He needs time to recreate and recuperate, unlike machines. But, most importantly he needs time to heal and allow his mind and body to experience the same.

8. Financial Wellness is about having sufficient funds to meet one’s requirements. A hungry stomach can never lead a satisfying life. Man needs to work and manage his finances bearing his present and future endeavours in mind.