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Health Check-up

There seems to be a sudden rise in ‘lifestyle diseases’. While the general public seems to be well aware of the more usual and commonly heard-of diseases such as diabetes, cardiac issues, hypertension etc, the onslaught of new entrants is adding to their anxiety. The Health Checkup offered by Health Capita comes into picture here by offering its members a unique system that will ensure that their health is never compromised upon.

Advantages of the Health Check-up offered by Health Capita:

1. Early detection: Gives you ample time for diagnosis, second opinion and treatment.

2. Inexpensive: With earlier detection comes quicker and timely treatment which saves you from expensive medical treatment(s) that come with delayed prognosis.

3. Easy accessibility: With on-site uploading and storage of the reports, they become easy to view/review and share.

4. Eco-friendly: Paperless technology to ensure that we do our bit to conserve the environment.

5. Affordable: Health Capita ensures that taking care of your health doesn’t mean draining your wallet.

6. All under one roof: Almost all kinds of tests are covered under Health Capita.