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Health Card

Imagine a situation, where the patient is from an accident. One can hardly expect him to remember his health-related information such as blood group, insurance policy number etc, under such circumstances. There have been even more grievous instances when the patient has lost his consciousness and is bereft of any memory. Who do you think can help under such scenarios?

It is here that Health Capita comes in handy.

The ‘Wellness Card’ provided by Health Capita is a go-to-card for all purposes and reasons. It carries all the vital information necessary that is pivotal to any doctor-patient communication. From complete health history to other relevant personal data such as Blood Group, Emergency Contact Number, Physician’s Contact Number and Insurance Details amongst others, the Wellness Card is replete with all that ensures your health & safety.

And, to top it, Health Capita provides all this in a 4 GB USB Health Card that is an electronic data host that can be accessed by both; the patients and doctors thus making it transparent in its purpose and reach.