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Personal Health Record

Personal Health Record/Electronic Medical Record (PHR/EMR) is an electronic application that you can use to upload, collect and share your health-related data with the guarantee of complete confidentiality.

The PHR can save your time, money and inconvenience in hours of need, moments of panic and/or random medical tests. It can reveal all of your past medical history, blood group, vaccination & immunization records, allergies etc. The USP of this record lies in its digitalized usage, wherein the data stored can be shared with doctors/specialists, all while ensuring complete patient confidentiality.

Advantages of PHR/EMR

1. Time & money saving: Saves time in communicating the necessary patient details as all of it is saved in the format of electronic data.

2. Eco-friendly: With the use of latest paperless technology, environment will have a lot to respite for.

3. Emergency Go-To: During times of unforeseeable events, PHR/EMR comes in handy as it carries all the relevant information that is imperative for the next course of action.

4. Reliable yet, changeable: Along with storing of the data, it can also be changed/edited depending on the current status and health updates.