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Second Opinion

Your life is precious and nothing should fall short of ensuring that it stays that way. Early detection, timely medication and routine check-ups are all advisable, but what is equally recommended is consulting for a second opinion. Physicians and surgeons are after all humans and to eliminate the possibility of human error, the best option is to avail second opinion.

At Health Capita, we empathize with your worries and concur with your thoughts in terms of referring to a second opinion.

A second opinion is needed:

1. When the treatment/surgery poses risks.

2. When you’re unhappy with the course of your current treatment.

3. When the recommended course of treatment or surgery is a major one.

4. When you need assurance that you’re on the right track in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

How it works?

Your medical reports are assimilated and then submitted to the concerned specialist with your permission. Thereafter, the specialist examines the reports and confirms the treatment listed or refers to a better alternative that might prove to be better suited to your needs and requirements.

In short, Health Capita offers you with a swift, reliable and a highly recommended method to ensuring your complete health sustenance and development.